Split – Lučice (Brač)

Our crew has a late flight from Zagreb, and arrives in the harbour at 19:00 CET. By that time, all the shopping is finished, the paperwork done, and water tanks and batteries are filled up to the maximum: we are ready for departure. We decide to sail despite the late hour – the true holiday feeling does not start in Split Marina… Outside the harbour we hoist the mainsail and unroll the genua, still a bit ill at ease on a boat that we have not sailed before. There is some late Jugo wind blowing, approximately 10 knots, which dies down around 20:30 CET.

Around that time it starts getting dark as well. We drop the sails and motor our way south. After Splitska Vrata (the channel between Brač and Šolta) we head east. Around 22:00 CET we carefully motor into Lučice bay, where a number of yachts has already found a buoy. We pick up a free mooring and still have a first glass of wine to celebrate the start of the journey.

Lastovo v.v. 2005 Route

This time we sailed for a week from our home base in Split. The ship was a Bénéteau Oceanis 311 and the full route can be found below. A week with beautiful weather. Every day well above 30 degrees, and only one (partly) cloudy day. A week also with beautiful wind. Every day a good sailing wind, usually around 15 knots, mostly from the NW direction (Tramontana).

Lučice – Vis

Again a strong south-westerly today. It is a slow wake-up morning. We swim a bit, and leave the bay after a late breakfast around 11:00. Vis or Komiža, that’s the question… Given the weather-forecast (constant westerly winds during the night), Komiža is not the best possible place. The harbour is not that well-protected, and especially westerly and south-westerly winds can create heavy swell here. So Vis becomes our destination for today.

Split – Lučice (Brač)

Around 16:00 we leave Split harbour. Great wind, so hoisting the sails is the first thing to do. It always takes a few minutes to sort out a boat that you have not sailed before. We set sail for Splitska Vrata, the channel between Brač and Šolta. That is the point where my holiday really begins.

With wind coming from the NW (Tramontana), around 15 knots, we make good progress. After clearing Splitska Vrata, we head due east. Our destination for today is Lučice, a cove on the southern side of Brač. Upon entering the bay around 19:00, we are surprised by the strong smell of the pine trees. We pick a mooring, and prepare our first meal (and open our first beer…).