Lučice (Brač) – Split

Our last day, and we do not feel like heading back to Split. We do consider to sail for the Carribean instead, but that may cause some problems. Around 10:30 CET we leave Lučice and sail westward towards Splitska Vrata. The Bura is still on, 10 – 15 knots from the north-east, but the sea is calm.

After clearing Splitska Vrata, we continue in easterly direction towards Milna. Around noon we arrive at the nautical gas station in this town. We fill up the tank with 65 litres of diesel, not much for two weeks of sailing. We are just in time – when we head out to sea there are 5 more ships waiting in the bay to gas up.

Back in open water, the wind starts playing tricks on us. It is turning between north-east and north-west, varying in speed between 1 and 10 knots. That means floating for a while. Fortunately, the wind picks up later, so that we can still do some sailing. Around 15:30 CET we sail into the harbour of Split. Time for a beer.